02 July 2007

Things I Will Remember

Polish customer service (or the lack thereof)

The homeless guy who asked if he could take our unused ramekins full of garlic & tomato sauce at a restaurant last night

Buses & trams that never show up, or randomly take an alternate route

The view from my apartment

The homeless guys who lived in my stairwell

The nicest landlord in the world (even though he asked me to lie!)

Electric lawn mowers

And, of course, all the people I met and/or worked with, including students, teachers, and administrators.

As a closing thought, I'd like to share some sentences that have amused me over the past 4 years. These are all actual samples of students' writing, and they all helped to make my job much more entertaining.

I felt shiver on my spinach.

I think that supermarkets are great creatures.

Another thing is the possibility to wear light clothes, uncovered shoulders and half-naked paunches, which alure the man-kind.

People want to read books, sink into their comfortable armchairs and sneeze.

History wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to learn it.

Right now we have two dogs at home (a sheepdog and a puddle).

My heartiest thanks to everyone in Poland who has made me feel at home here. I never would have made it through 4 years without your help!