30 June 2007

I am a Hyphen

Why yes, I am procrastinating, why do you ask?

The packing & shipment of my belongings has run into a slight snag, but I'm confident (read: stressed out of my mind) it will all work out fine, and my books will eventually land somewhere near Seattle.

So while I slowly come to the realization that the packing gnomes aren't going to appear & take care of things for me, I discovered a quiz for all the grammar freaks out there. And that definitely includes me.

Which Punctuation Mark Are You?

Enjoy, and if you happen to see the gnomes, please send them my way!

24 June 2007

Too Much Stuff!

"That's all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn't have so much stuff, you wouldn't need a house. You could just walk around all the time." -George Carlin

I'm attempting to get rid of a considerable number of my possessions, rather than dragging them all back to Seattle with me. It's actually been easier than I expected - the more times I move, the better I am at determining what I really need, and what I only thought I needed when I bought it. There's a lot that falls into that second category.

So if you're in the Poznan area, and you're feeling a need for some random kitchen items, come on by and help yourself to my stuff.

20 June 2007

Carb Loading

I ordered a salad and a side of garlic bread at a restaurant this afternoon. I had carefully perused the menu, which said absolutely nothing about any bread being served with the salad, which is why I ordered bread to go with it. Imagine my surprise when the waitress brought me my garlic bread, my salad, and the garlic bread which came with the salad.

This is actually the second time this has happened to me here. (Here as in Poland, it was a different restaurant last time.) What confuses me is why the waitress didn't tell me that bread came with the salad. Did she really think I wanted to consume half a loaf of bread with my salad? Did it not occur to her that I may not know bread was automatically included with the salad, which is why I ordered some? The menu simply lists what's in the salad, with no mention of bread. I looked. Carefully. Because this had happened to me before.

I was a waitress in one of my many former occupations. If someone had ordered something which was already included with their meal, I would have told them. And I've had a waitress tell me here, too - when I asked for rice with my sweet & sour chicken, I was told it was always served with rice.

Apparently, it's just salads. That'll teach me to ask more questions when I order. Or to try a different restaurant.

19 June 2007

Where's Nordstrom When You Really Need Them?

I bought a new pair of sandals a couple weeks ago, thereby guaranteeing that it would rain for the next 3 days. But when I finally wore them, it turned out they weren't the same. My toes poked out noticeably more on the left than on the right.

When I bought them, one of the things I understood the sales clerk to say was that they were guaranteed for 2 years. So I decided to take them back and exchange them for 2 matching sandals. I had the receipt, I'd only worn them twice, it should be easy. Oh wait, this is Poland.

I took the shoes back to the shop and showed them to the sales clerk. She agreed that there was something wrong, then showed them to her colleague, who concurred. Bring on the paperwork.

I gave her my receipt, she filled out the form. She asked me whether I wanted a new pair or a refund, to which I replied that I'd like to get a new pair - I really like these sandals! I signed the form.

I was then told to return in 2 weeks for the decision.

2 weeks?

The decision? You mean you can't decide right now? You have to think about it?

In fact, the decision is likely to be made in some corporate office, far from the shop where I spent my money for a pair of sandals which turned out to be improperly made.

I now have no sandals, no refund, no decision - but I have a piece of paper and a date to discover if they'll replace my lovely new sandals.