27 May 2007


I've been discovered. As those of you who read the comments already know, one of my students has found my blog. Which likely means that ALL of my students have found my blog.

Ever since I saw the comment, I've been racking my brains, trying to remember if there's anything on here I might not want students to know about me. I do kind of try to keep my personal life somewhat separate from my teaching life. But I also try not to post anything I don't want my parents to know about - yes Dad, that means you, but it's your own fault for freaking out when I happened to mention I was on antibiotics.

I think I'm pretty safe. I do tend to be aware of the fact that my words can go anywhere from here. Blogging isn't private by any means. And even if I did post something I'd rather not announce to my students, it's a little late now.

So to any of my students who happen by, I say, "Welcome." Please take note of the use of punctuation in the previous sentence. Unless you're in a British English group, in which case I should say, "Welcome".

That just looks weird.

13 May 2007

Going Public

This has been in the planning stages for a while, and it's time to let everyone in on it - I'm moving back to the States for a while.

In many ways, this is an odd decision. I'm leading a fairly comfortable life here. I have job security, the nicest landlord I've ever had, and I always said I wouldn't live in the U.S. as long as W was still in office.

However, I've been here for 4 years now. I haven't seen most of my family in 2 years. And I miss the comfort level that comes with living in your home culture.

So, I'll be arriving in Seattle at the beginning of July. My immediate plans are to stay 1-2 years, and then very probably come back to Poland. Or maybe move to another country. Or maybe stay in Seattle longer. Or...some other option as yet unconsidered.

Keep in mind, I came to Poland in 2003 with the intention of staying for 1 year. I'm not terribly good at long-term plans.

My current, immediate plan is to find a teaching job in the greater Seattle area, ideally one that won't require me to acquire any additional qualifications. Do think of me if you happen to be a member of any hiring committees which are seeking an experienced, well-traveled, only slightly jaded ESL instructor.

04 May 2007

My Irish Adventure

I went to Ireland last week, to visit a very dear friend. This friend is a large part of the reason I came back to Poland four years ago. And then she moved to Ireland two years ago. Kind of making me not want to be here anymore.

Anyway, visiting Ireland from Poland is much easier than visiting Poland from Seattle, so we can at least still see each other once in a while. Which is why I went to Ireland last week.

It was my second visit, and I still haven't really seen much. We tend to spend most of our time chatting and eating ice cream, after her kids are asleep. When the kids are awake, they take up most of her time, and a lot of mine too. But they're cute, so I won't hold it against them.

I took the opportunity of being in an English speaking country to get all my hair cut off, so I can finally donate it to Locks of Love. I now have a pony tail in a plastic bag. It's kind of creepy, so I plan to get it in the mail soon. I know I could have had my hair cut in Poland a lot more cheaply, but I've just never been able to master the Polish vocabulary for hair care. After a couple of unfortunate experiences, I made the decision to no longer allow a Polish hairdresser near my head. And it's not that they're bad at their jobs, it's just that I don't know how to stop them from drowning my hair in product. Believe me, I tried.

So my head is lighter, I'm slightly more relaxed, and I'm ready to face the last 2 months of the school year. I think.