16 April 2007

Small Pleasures

I found seedless grapes at the grocery store a couple of days ago.

If you don't live in Poland, you have no idea why this is exciting. It's very difficult to find seedless grapes here. And the Poles don't seem to mind, they just crunch away on their seeded grapes. I think most people swallow the seeds.

They also eat the whole apple - including the core. That still feaks me out a little.

But I found seedless grapes. SEEDLESS!!!

And I enjoyed them a lot.

03 April 2007

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Since this is the week before Easter, a number of students have chosen to extend their break a bit. This afternoon, in a class that should have 9 students, 3 showed up.

It's a writing class, but it often becomes a conversation class, since there's only so much you can teach someone about writing. I ran out of stuff a couple of months ago, but we can always discuss a controversial topic & try to come up with arguments that could be used in an essay about it, then they write the essay at home.

Today, I brought in a short article about the chocolate Jesus sculpture, so we read it & chatted about why it's so controversial. After about 45 minutes, I gave the students the option to go home early, or to keep chatting for a while longer. And they chose to stay and chat!

They asked about my Peace Corps experience, and my impressions of Poland, and just generally seemed interested in my life. I guess it's normal to have an interest in someone who chooses to live in a country that so many people are choosing to leave, but it was a little surprising to me. I certainly never had any interest in my teachers' lives outside of school.

So it was a nice way to end my day, realizing that my students just may like me a little.