24 June 2007

Too Much Stuff!

"That's all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn't have so much stuff, you wouldn't need a house. You could just walk around all the time." -George Carlin

I'm attempting to get rid of a considerable number of my possessions, rather than dragging them all back to Seattle with me. It's actually been easier than I expected - the more times I move, the better I am at determining what I really need, and what I only thought I needed when I bought it. There's a lot that falls into that second category.

So if you're in the Poznan area, and you're feeling a need for some random kitchen items, come on by and help yourself to my stuff.


Phobe said...

We are also feeling that way. We are finding that it is a fishes and loaves, the more we get rid of the more seams to grow out from the corners. Good Will, Saint Margerts, a garage sale, and still we have more stuff that we need to get rid of. We are storing some stuff, but need to reduce what we are taking with us to 1000 pounds. We hope to be packed up and out of here by early next week.


Tarewyn said...

ha! Wait untill you see our house. You have never seen so much stuff in one place!


robert said...

I need a larger, preferably wooden cutiing board. I'm in Poznan all Saturday but would prefer to pick it up late evening as I would be coming back from Grodzisk Wielkopolski after watching soccer game. If it is not used up very much, in fair condition I would love to have it.

The Wendy Lady said...

Sorry Robert, I have nothing of the sort. But thanks for your interest!