20 June 2007

Carb Loading

I ordered a salad and a side of garlic bread at a restaurant this afternoon. I had carefully perused the menu, which said absolutely nothing about any bread being served with the salad, which is why I ordered bread to go with it. Imagine my surprise when the waitress brought me my garlic bread, my salad, and the garlic bread which came with the salad.

This is actually the second time this has happened to me here. (Here as in Poland, it was a different restaurant last time.) What confuses me is why the waitress didn't tell me that bread came with the salad. Did she really think I wanted to consume half a loaf of bread with my salad? Did it not occur to her that I may not know bread was automatically included with the salad, which is why I ordered some? The menu simply lists what's in the salad, with no mention of bread. I looked. Carefully. Because this had happened to me before.

I was a waitress in one of my many former occupations. If someone had ordered something which was already included with their meal, I would have told them. And I've had a waitress tell me here, too - when I asked for rice with my sweet & sour chicken, I was told it was always served with rice.

Apparently, it's just salads. That'll teach me to ask more questions when I order. Or to try a different restaurant.