27 May 2007


I've been discovered. As those of you who read the comments already know, one of my students has found my blog. Which likely means that ALL of my students have found my blog.

Ever since I saw the comment, I've been racking my brains, trying to remember if there's anything on here I might not want students to know about me. I do kind of try to keep my personal life somewhat separate from my teaching life. But I also try not to post anything I don't want my parents to know about - yes Dad, that means you, but it's your own fault for freaking out when I happened to mention I was on antibiotics.

I think I'm pretty safe. I do tend to be aware of the fact that my words can go anywhere from here. Blogging isn't private by any means. And even if I did post something I'd rather not announce to my students, it's a little late now.

So to any of my students who happen by, I say, "Welcome." Please take note of the use of punctuation in the previous sentence. Unless you're in a British English group, in which case I should say, "Welcome".

That just looks weird.


Lisaopolis said...

Doh! I can't STAND it when students find our blogs, it's such an invasion. But I guess this is public forum, after all. I had my very own stalker who would leave anonymous comments after our classes, poor soul. At least they can't see my "Facebook" page--or CAN THEY...?

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