13 May 2007

Going Public

This has been in the planning stages for a while, and it's time to let everyone in on it - I'm moving back to the States for a while.

In many ways, this is an odd decision. I'm leading a fairly comfortable life here. I have job security, the nicest landlord I've ever had, and I always said I wouldn't live in the U.S. as long as W was still in office.

However, I've been here for 4 years now. I haven't seen most of my family in 2 years. And I miss the comfort level that comes with living in your home culture.

So, I'll be arriving in Seattle at the beginning of July. My immediate plans are to stay 1-2 years, and then very probably come back to Poland. Or maybe move to another country. Or maybe stay in Seattle longer. Or...some other option as yet unconsidered.

Keep in mind, I came to Poland in 2003 with the intention of staying for 1 year. I'm not terribly good at long-term plans.

My current, immediate plan is to find a teaching job in the greater Seattle area, ideally one that won't require me to acquire any additional qualifications. Do think of me if you happen to be a member of any hiring committees which are seeking an experienced, well-traveled, only slightly jaded ESL instructor.


Anna said...

Wow ....I hope you'll still write your blog :) I really enjoy reading it ..:)

Anonymous said...

Wow - So I might actually get to meet up with you again for the first time in...has it really been 20 years?! Good grief :(


Robert said...

I'm afraid you won't be back in Poland. In two years from now Poland would be for you faded memory. I know. I had it with Romania. I thought I would be back and I never was (yet).

The Wendy Lady said...

The fate of this particular blog is uncertain, though I think it'll go on hiatus for a bit - it seems nonsensical to write a blog called The Poland Diaries if I'm not in Poland. But that's not to say I'll be giving up this outlet for writing. Stay tuned for further developments.

Tracy, thanks for reminding me just how old we've become. :)

And Robert, don't make the same mistake others have made about me, assuming that I'm just like everyone else. "They" told me I'd never go back to college after I dropped out - I now have an MA. I even told myself, after my first stay in Poland, that I'd never go back, and here I am. If you haven't been back to Romania, that's your own fault for not making it happen.

Anonymous said...

hi Wendy, I totally love your blog. And I wish I had noticed the absence of glasses, but I didn't simply because I it doesn't matter if you have them or not. I liked your classes anyway...

good luck in the US. We'll miss you.

student (deliberately anonymous - after the exam I'll reveal my identity:) )

Anonymous said...

okay..first one didn't post..argh..so yay, you're finally coming home..gonna be here before the 7th?? for my 50th!!??

let me know so T can invite you to the fete...*G*

there's more but I won't take up space...talk to you soon!!!