06 February 2007

Damage Report

I squashed my finger in a door last week. It was purple for a few days, part of it is still numb, and another part still hurts when I press on it, but it's getting better. Which means today was the perfect time to fall while getting out of a tram and land on my ass, whacking my elbow on the way down. It should be a nice color by tomorrow.

I'm now a little afraid to leave my apartment, especially since I've never managed to learn the Polish equivalent of calling 911. Not that I think I could have an intelligible conversation with an emergency operator in Polish. It would probably go something like, "Hi, um...my knee? But not knee, it's on my arm, I don't know the word. Help?"

Yeah, maybe I should just stay home for a while.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Stay home till April like we all do here. Don't you have cable tv or books and boyfriend?