25 February 2007

Accidental Shopping

Well, it's not as if I tripped and bought something, so maybe unplanned shopping is a better turn of phrase.

Anyway, my 10am student cancelled on me at 10:20am, and we meet in a mall, so I went off to spend the money she would have paid me if she had showed up, and found myself thinking about all the things I've unintentionally bought while living in Poland.

scented toilet paper
artificial honey
apple-mint juice (this one was actually a pleasant accident)
chocolate with liquor inside (some people might enjoy this, but I prefer my chocolate and liquor separately)
DVDs in languages other than English, with Polish subtitles (also the Polish magazines I had to buy to get the 'free' DVDs)

I'm sure there have been others, but these are the only ones springing to mind. And most of these mistakes were made due to my own insufficient knowledge of Polish. I have no one to blame but myself.

I really need to remember to bring my dictionary with me when I go shopping.

P.S. Sorry for the delay between posts, I've been a little swamped with marking essays from the university's mock exams, plus trying to adjust to my new schedule. There's more to come about that fun experience next time.


carry-on said...

Hi Wendy Lady, very interesting phrase, this "accidental shopping". Is there any way to contact you, besides posting here?

The Wendy Lady said...

Well, that really depends on WHY you want to contact me. If you try one of the links under Sites I Visit, you can probably track down my work e-mail address. Good luck! :)