02 January 2007


As I celebrated the New Year with a friend in Walcz, I realized how truly arbitrary it is. It's really just another day, that we all have agreed to view as the last day of the year. It could just as easily occur in March, or June, or whichever random month you prefer.

So I chose to spend it the way I would like to spend a lot of my days - watching multiple DVDs and eating junk food. We wandered out to the town square at midnight, and it was filled with drunk people shooting off fireworks. Not really the safest of spectacles, so we went back home and watched another movie.

And now I have to remember to write 07 instead of 06 when I write the date. Other than that, my life hasn't really changed. I'm just not all that excited about it being a new year.

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pinknest said...

hi. just came across your blog. two things in common: my boyfriend's from poznan, and my sister just moved to seattle!

happy new year.