23 December 2006

Small Changes

I first started wearing glasses when I was in the 6th grade. I clearly remember the moment my vision started to blur. My sister and I were watching M.A.S.H., and the picture on the TV was just a little out of focus. I mentioned it to my sister, at which point she ran gleefully into the other room to announce to our parents that I needed glasses. Up to then, I was the only member of the family without them, so I guess she was happy I was joining the club. I don't want to believe she was so thrilled because she envied my perfect sight and was happy to discover it was gone, but that may be the case - she was a little cruel to me during our childhood. (don't bother trying to dispute that, Sis, or I'll tell everyone about how you used to pin my arms down before you'd hit me, so I couldn't fight back - oops, too late)

Anyway, from then on, my vision got progressively worse. In 8th grade I switched to contacts, and wore them continuously until about 3 1/2 years ago, when my eyes suddenly became very dry. Shortly before moving to Poland, I switched back to glasses, and have worn them the whole time I've been here.

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time to get my eyes checked, not because my vision seemed to have changed (miraculously, the degeneration has finally slowed down), but just because I hadn't had an eye exam in over 3 years, so I was due. I'd also been thinking about trying contacts again, hoping my eyes had had enough of a rest to tolerate them. So I found myself an eye doctor, and got some new contacts.

That was 3 weeks ago. I've been wearing contacts every day since then. Only one person has noticed.

I'm choosing to believe that this is because my glasses are so great, so suited to my face, that no one ever noticed them, and therefore I look the same whether I'm wearing glasses or not. I'm choosing that option, because the alternative is that no one ever notices me at all, and that's a little depressing. I already feel like invisible girl at work this year, so I don't need any more negative self-image issues.

So there you have it. I was wearing glasses, now I'm wearing contacts, and apparently I look exactly the same. But I no longer have to deal with the annoying fog when I go into a warm shop after having been outside, so I'm just a little less irritated in my daily life.


Lisaopolis said...

maybe less change is a good thing (recall, if you will, Hungary '88, The Great Haircut Inside the Iron Curtain Caper....mwhahhahaha)

The Wendy Lady said...

So true! I would much rather no one notice a minor change than have a panic attack while waiting to find out if I'll be allowed to leave an Eastern Bloc country! Ah, memories...

hanna said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'd notice! And not because you didn't look great in your glasses ;-)