08 December 2006

Contemplating a Splurge

Once in a while, you just have to treat yourself. (And by 'you' and 'yourself,' I mean me.) Normally, this isn't a problem. I often buy myself some fancy chocolates, or a glossy magazine with a free DVD included. (Who am I kidding, I barely even glance at the magazine, it's all about the movie.) I'm even on the verge of dropping 100-something zlotys for a set of DVDs I've been eyeing for months. I did feel the need to justify that one, but that's easy now, since my parents just deposited my Christmas present into my bank account - thanks, Mom & Dad!

No, this is a little different. Ever since I first came to Poland, I've been a little bummed about certain things I can't get here. These are mainly food items, like Reese's peanut butter cups, Oreos, Kraft mac & cheese, and ginger ale. When I'm in the US, and have these items readily available, I don't even buy them that often. It's just the idea of them being unavailable that makes me want them more. When some kind-hearted soul takes it upon themself to send me one of the above-mentioned items, I hoard it like I'm stranded in the desert & it's my only food for a month.

(Stick with me, I'm finally getting to the point.)

Last week, I was at my neighborhood grocery store, perusing the drinks aisle, and there it was. Schweppe's ginger ale! For 7 zloty and change per liter!

OK, if you have dollars, this is about $2.50 a bottle. I have zloty. This would be like spending $7 on a liter of soda. It's rather pricey.

And yet, I think I'm going to buy some. Just because I got paid early this month, and I want to. I'll probably get a glossy magazine to not read while I'm drinking it. And maybe even some of those fancy chocolates.

Because once in a while, you just have to splurge.


Aaron Fowles said...

If you live in Poland, splurges are totally necessary. As for things not being available, guess what they don't have in Korea. (Hint: the answer is deodorant)

Lately, all of my splurges have been sports-related. The foreigners all get together and play sports on the weekend here. A bit different that what we did back in Poznan....guzzle guzzle guzzle.

Basia said...

Oh... I totally feel you on the Ginger Ale craving... I was the same way there..even though I rarely drink it here in the USA..
when I was over in Poland I would suddenly get a craving for Ginger Ale... Do it Wendy.. just becuase you can. :)