23 November 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

In the immortal words of Pugsley Addams, "Eat me!" It's a lot less dirty if you recall that he was wearing a turkey costume at the time.

Despite living in Poland, I've been privileged enough to have 2 turkey dinners this year, which almost makes up for not having any last year. It's good to get to know other ex-pats. Especially when they host large gatherings with lots of food.

So don't feel too bad for me when you're sitting down to your turkey and stuffing. Though you can certainly think of me while eating pecan pie, since pecans are not yet available in Poland. It's strange, I can buy tortillas here, but not pecans. Not sure what the logic is behind that. But now you know what to include if you want to send me a care package.

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Marla said...

I sent you something, but it doesn't have pecans. I didn't know!! it does, however, begin with P...no, not THAT either!! ewww!!