11 November 2006

Happy 11th of November!

OK, so it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily as the 4th of July, but the sentiment is the same, at least around here - it's Independence Day! Unfortunately, I had to work this morning, but we had a nice distraction when the cavalry rode past the building - about 30 men dressed in soldier's uniforms, riding down the street on horseback.

Since I'm in Poznan, today was also the celebration of St. Martin's day, which means yummy pastries. They're expensive, but so tasty - and who knew there was such a thing as white poppy seeds? I skipped the parade this year, opting to take my pastry home & out of the rain.

On a more depressing note, it was fully dark around 4:30 this afternoon. Yes, it's time once again for my favorite game - remind me why I moved to a country that's so miserable in the winter? Don't worry if you can't think of a reason right now, we'll be playing until at least March.


afowles said...

In Korea, yesterday was Peppero Day. Since 11/11 looks like a set of chopsticks, they eat chocolate covered candy sticks on November 11. I told them that it was Independence Day in Poland; they weren't impressed.

Mari said...

Because you're a strong person and this is a learning experience. Why else?