19 November 2006


I guess I'm glad I went to bed at halftime, rather than staying up until 4 AM to follow the whole game. That way, I was able to go to sleep with some hope, which was subsequently dashed this morning when I checked the final score. At least it was a close game. And I still love the Cougs - hey, it's easy to love a winner, but not everyone can maintain affection for a team that consistently disappoints.

I'm off to console myself with a turkey dinner. Yes, I know Thanksgiving isn't until Thursday, but when you're in Poland, you learn to be flexible with dates.

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Marla said...

at least you weren't trapped in a room of huskies and cougs...apparently our bid to break the "party at Deere's house means the cougs coug it" curse didn't pan out. dammit!
but we did have great food and a great time anyway..*sigh*
when are you coming home so we can go on a cool vacation and have you watch the house??