09 October 2006

The Power of Labels

All the offices at the university have the names of the teachers who inhabit them posted on the doors. There are several people in each office, due to space restrictions - mine has 6 desks and 8 people. But we're not usually all there at the same time, so it's not a big problem. I haven't even met all 8 people yet.

None of this is my point.

A few days ago, they updated the names on the doors. And there I am, with two little letters and two little dots after my name: M.A. I get a little thrill every time I see it. I wonder how long it'll take to wear off.


Mari said...

Hopefully, never. It's really a very cool thing. :)

Anonymous said...

ooo!! you're a MA now!! I feel ya...being done with just a BA is great..considering it's my 3rd...so MD BA BA BA or BA3...??

yay for both of us!!!

Ben Makinen said...

As long as its not three capital letters with no dots you're doin just fine.

ps I found you because we both like Trois couleurs: Bleu

Hanna said...

I'm thrilled too!!! Any chance you find a second to write me all about it?

Lisaopolis said...

Trust me, I fully exploit my MA title in Euro areas, it's totally fun!

phobe said...

For me it is 5 years and counting and so far it still makes me smile. :-) CONGRADULATIONS! You deserve to be proud!