20 October 2006

I Wendy, I Wanda, I Wonder...

We had a teacher's meeting at my school this evening, and the topic of fraternities and sororities was brought up. This is a completely foreign concept to Poles, most of whom have never even heard of it, so naturally, they turned to the 3 resident North Americans for information. The only problem is, none of us were involved in the Greek system, so we all have a fairly negative viewpoint on it. The closest I ever got were a couple of frat parties, and walking through Greek row on my way to campus at WSU during my senior year. I have less than fond memories of seeing the frat boys passed out on their lawns at 10 in the morning.

So here's my question: other than the networking opportunities - that whole we're-sisters/brothers-even-though-we've-never-met thing - what, exactly, are the benefits of being a member of a fraternity or sorority? Really, I want to know, because from my perspective it's just an expensive clique that not only charges you to join, they torture you first just to see how badly you really want to get in. I'm curious about the insider's take on the whole thing.

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Lisaopolis said...

Always glad to help out;) First of all, they can't torture you before you join cause that'd be...uh, illegal. For me the best benefits were leadership opportunities and experience and still being friends with a group of women I probably never would have met. It's a great practice run to be in charge of anything involving multiple women and decision-making (e.g. scholarship chair, for example), cause lord knows that is a tough-ass bunch. Plus, stuff like making decisions with and for the benefits of your peers. There's also the whole thing about being part of a national organization largely dedicated to social and charitible well-being, but that's not such a big thing for me personally. And of course, the chapter of my sorority at Penn State got to benefit from having me as their esteemed advisory board chair, so there's that, heheheh;) I'm still modest, don't worry. ;) Like any organization in the world, there can also be a fair share of BS, but show me a place where that doesn't happen. GO COUGS!