03 October 2006

First Day Fun

Ah, the first day of classes. (Yes, I know it's October & most everyone has been back at school for a month already, but this is Poland, and the universities start in October - lucky me!) The excitement, the confusion, the running up and down stairs...

Class number one was in a lecture hall. There are 12 people in the class. The space was a little, shall we say, overwhelming.

Class number two was in the conference interpreting room. A room which I could not at first obtain the key to, because I'm not yet on the list of authorized people who can have a key to that room. Hence the running up and down stairs - down to the key booth (ground floor) where I was refused the key for a reason I didn't understand, up to the secretary's office (6th floor) to see if the key was there, down to the offices (3rd floor) to ask my colleagues for help, down to the key booth with said colleagues to find out why I was refused the key, up to the secretary's office to get permission to get the key, down to the key booth once I had permission, up to the classroom (3rd floor) to start the class. In a room with chairs with no desks, and listening booths. It was a writing class.

After all that, I've managed to change the room for the rest of the semester, to one that actually has desks. It does not, unfortunately, have a board for me to write on.

Obviously, we're a little short on rooms this year. I was originally scheduled to go across town for the writing class, to one of the other buildings. In 15 minutes. Those of you who know how much I hate to be late will understand my reluctance to accept that schedule. For those of you who don't, let's just put it this way - when I'm 10 minutes early, I consider myself to be on time. When I'm on time, I feel like I'm horrendously late.

So that was my first day of classes. Tomorrow I get to stay in the same room for 2 lessons in a row! :)

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Phobe said...

I would have thought that after so much time there you would have adopted the Polish sence of "on time". :-)