05 August 2006

Sort-of Done

Yes, the finish line is definitely in sight! The bulk of the writing portion of my thesis is now complete. I still have to get it approved by my prof, and then I can have it bound and register it.

That may prove to be even more fun than writing it, since I'm still not entirely sure what the registration process entails. I have a list of what I have to do. Naturally, it's in Polish. And the office where the registration takes place? To my knowledge, the women who work there don't speak any English.

Now, it's not that I don't or can't speak Polish. I'm generally happy to spit out my garbled, un-grammatical version of things and see what happens. But when it comes to the more important stuff - you know, work visa, residence card, oh, and whether or not I get my MA - I'd really prefer to be 100% sure about what's going on.

I suppose there's nothing I can do about it right now. I won't even know if my prof will accept the damn thing until the end of the month - she's on vacation now, and when she gets back I'll be gallivanting around with my mom. So stay tuned, the 25th of August is the date I'll find out if I have to start rewriting, or if I can start stressing out over the defense.

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A Man said...

I always think that when it comes to work, education or medical information, it pays to make sure you are either speaking in English or get an official translation. I hope your professor accepts your thesis and that it all goes smoothly!