03 August 2006

A Slight Case of Nostalgia

I've been inspired by Ginapalooza! to compile my own list of things I miss about Seattle.

1. rain (honestly!)
2. being surrounded by mountains and water - wherever you look, there's one or the other
3. Dick's Drive-In
4. diversity
5. feeling like restaurants, stores, etc. actually WANT my business
6. hills
7. Ivar's
8. always knowing which direction is west

These aren't really in any particular order, other than what came to mind first. And believe me, many of these are not things I would have predicted that I would miss.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am in Poland by choice, because I WANT to be here. Just because I miss one home doesn't mean I want to leave another one. But there are moments, like when I've been sitting at a restaurant for 20 minutes and have yet to have my existence acknowledged, that I would really love to find a way to export Nordstrom-style customer service all over the world!

By the way, here's a little Seattle attraction I didn't even know I was missing: Giant Shoe Museum If you're in Seattle & have a chance to check it out, please do so & tell me all about it!


Aaron Fowles said...

Here are some things that I miss about Poland (!)

1. The square
2. Feeling like God
3. Being at least able to recognize cognates
4. People speak at least a flutter of English
5. You guys!

A Man said...

Nordstrom's customer service really is the gold standard in my book. I can't get enough of their cafes. They are always so clean and welcoming, with great food and great staff, yet informal and fun. Now I have a homesickness for them as well!