19 December 2005


I've decided that Blue Urine would be an excellent name for a rock band, should I ever decide to form one. Not a terribly likely scenario, but if you decide to steal the name, please let me know first.

I'm in the final days of my countdown to Egypt, and a little more stressed each day, as I try to complete a chapter of my thesis, to be handed in to my advisor before I depart the country. I'm really wishing I had started working on it a bit earlier, maybe before tonight. Actually, I've had one page written for weeks, it just never managed to morph itself into a full chapter. Would somebody please hurry up and invent a self-writing computer??

So I should stop avoiding & get back to writing, but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holiday of their choice. If you happen to choose no holiday, then just have a lovely day. And I'll be thinking of you all while I'm enjoying the sun & warmth in Cairo!

09 December 2005

More Yoga Torture

My regular yoga instructor is on vacation, so I had a session with the owner today. Her English isn't great, so she was very hands-on. Verging on inappropriate touching, but in a good way. No, it was fine, but it was also rather painful - when I'm putting myself into the positions, I stop when I feel a little twinge. When someone else is putting me into them, she doesn't feel my twinges, so she keeps pushing. Ow! I feel pretty good now, but I'm sure I'll be sorry tomorrow.

In other news, I'm off the antibiotics and on 2 herbal medications, one of which - sorry if this is TMI - turns my urine blue. It was a bit of a shock this morning, but also very pretty. :)

Poznan seems to be having a Seattle winter so far, which is great by me, though everyone else keeps complaining about the rain. I would always rather have rain than snow, which probably makes me certifiable, but so many other things already have, so I'm not too worried about it.

Hope everyone's staying warm & dry!

05 December 2005


So I've been on antibiotics for the past 7 days, only 3 more to go, but the really annoying thing is that I have to wait to take them until 2 hours after I eat. The doctor was very specific about taking them AFTER I eat, not before. I have no idea what difference this makes to my stomach, but the difference it makes to the rest of me is that I can't go to bed right now, I have to wait another half hour!
The problem with teaching at a private school is that most of the lessons are in the evening. Like today, I taught from 3:30 - 8:30, got home at 9, which is when I had a chance to eat something, so I can't take the stupid pill until 11. Normally I'd have no problem staying up until 11, but the best part about antibiotics is how they sap all your energy, so all you want to do is sleep.
They also make it very difficult for me to concentrate for longer than 3 minutes at a time, or even to put coherent sentences together. My apologies for the rambling this has become, I'm just trying to keep myself awake.