25 January 2005

Adventures in Laundry

So there I was, at my local laundromat, which is a pretty big deal because there aren't exactly a lot of them in Poland. This one even has dryers! I lug my laundry over about once every 2 weeks or so, or when I run out of underwear, which happened to be the case on this occasion. I employed my standard method of dumping everything in together because I don't want to pay for more than one load, which has never been a problem because everything has been washed before. You've probably already guessed that the laundry gods were not smiling on me on this occasion. I am now the proud owner of a pair of tights which used to be black, and about 20 pairs of socks which used to be white. And not just any socks - Gold Toes! Bermuda style, to be exact. Sadly, not yet available outside the USA, to the best of my knowledge. They're still wearable, I just no longer own a single pair of white socks. I plan to go sock shopping soon.

However, if anyone was just itching to mail something to Poland, now you know what I need. :)

So that's my sad story, hope you had a better week!

16 January 2005

Settling Back In

I spent a whirlwind 3 weeks in the greater Seattle area over the holidays, mostly with family & close friends. I wanted to see more people, but instead I caught a cold & crashed out at my parents' place for most of the last week - better luck next time. I hope to be back in the US this summer, but that's just a tentative plan right now.

I'm getting settled back into my schedule here, with work & school taking up most of my time. I'm still taking Polish classes, though the semester ends next week & we'll have a month off before starting up again. The bad news is, we have a test tomorrow, which I suspect I will fail. I'm fine with speaking, but I'm really struggling with the grammar, especially when writing. To be honest, I haven't spent the time outside of class that I should have, so it's my own fault I'm so behind with everything. It's mainly a question of finding the time to devote to it - maybe next semester I'll do better with that. Plus, everyone should fail something once in a while, just as a reminder to work harder. At least, that's my theory.

No definite travel plans right now, but I hope to do a little wandering this spring when a friend will be in Europe, maybe England or Ireland. I'll keep everyone posted, so you can continue to pretend you have a life as exciting as mine. ;)