20 April 2005

Sudden Popularity

I don't know what I did to become one of the "Blogs we've noticed recently," but I'm pleased & honored to be there! (OK, I DO know what I did, but I'm not telling!) Though I have to admit to feeling more pressure now to come up with interesting tidbits about my life in Poland - it was easier when only friends & family were reading!

Responding to a couple of comments, I didn't mention what breed of dog bit me because it's a little embarassing - it's a dachsund! He/she (I didn't want to pry) is only big enough to reach just below my knee, so that's where the bite landed. I'm actually on very good terms with the owners, and we always say hello when we see each other, with or without the dog, but apparently the hallway is the dog's territory. (I've really got to find out the poor creature's name, so I can stop calling it 'the dog') I even went into their apartment & had a chat for about 30 minutes on the day it bit me - they had to put its muzzle on it before I'd go in the door! I have thought about carrying dog treats with me, this may be what I needed to finally make me do it.

It would seem that I spend too many of my posts focusing on the negative aspects of being here, which is a disservice on my part. Poland is a great country, full of wonderful people and beautiful places, so I'll try to mention more of them in future posts.

Sadly, at the moment the weather sucks, so I'm not seeing as many positive aspects of life here as I could. Spring has given way to winter, which is rather confusing for everyone - I really hoped I was done with wool for this year! But I'm promised things will warm up again next week, just in time for my friend Kellie to arrive for a visit.

I don't have much to say yet about the new Pope, other than - German??? Not the first country I think of when I think about Catholics. But he's really just a transitional Pope, more to give the cardinals time to figure out where they want to go after John Paul II than to stake any real claim of his own on the Papacy. At least, that's my opinion, I haven't spoken to any Poles about it in depth yet, I'll keep you posted as I hear other opinions.

Well, that's enough rambling for today, I still have lessons to plan for tomorrow. A hearty welcome to my new readers, I'll try to keep things as interesting for you as I can, but my main purpose is to keep a link with family & friends back home, so I won't feel too bad if you get bored & wander off somewhere more amusing.

PS Happy Birthday to ME!!! :)


Mari Bingham said...

Happy birthday indeed!!! Talking to you today totally made my week and I really do love the blog. It really does make me feel like you're a lot closer, not lost in the black hole of Calcutta. Just watch out for the vicious ankle biters....they've got very big teeth. ;)

Anyway, back to the salt mines. Maestro, cue music...."Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Wendy Lady, Happy Birthday to you-OOOOOO!!!"

babyplash!! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! how old r you Im sure you r very happy

what chu said about the new pope is true German is a little 2 strange 4 most people or atleast thats what I think & the dog's bite auch feel better

elclang said...

the only dog that has ever bitten me with malicious intent was a dachsund:) they are territorial little buggers.

imagine my embarrassment when i had to explain to all my friends that my big fat lip was from a dachsund attack:)

hehe! nice blog.

John said...

Hi, this is a firt time blogger and am inspired by how HUGE this blog is. I am very excited about creating my own. If you could please leave me some tips on how to advance my blog.

Basia said...

Czesc and a big round of Sto Lat to you as well!! I just discovered your blog and haven't had time yet to read the archives, so I don't know what it is you are doing there besides teaching. Are you going to grad school?

I spent two of the most wonderful years of my life in Poland with the Peace Corps. Reading the bits of your blog have brought back some great memories. I think we as PCV's were very lucky in that we were able to learn so much about the Polish Culture and about cross-cultural interactions before actually going to site. It made fitting in so much easier for me. I lived in Kostrzyn nad Odra, on the German border, not too far away from Poznan.
Good luck to you!!

ali said...

little dogs are the worst for biting, my aunties terrior bit me when i was wee and i only ever tried to love it. happily, it also swallowed a toy with a bell in on the same day. the story goes that you could hear it coming (like the croc in Peter Pan). obviously, i'm not into animal cruelty in any way, but i like a little karma.

happy birthday by the by

Tank said...

Happy Birthday!! (I'll be nice and not type out all of Sto Lat) I haven't been back to Poland in 12 years now it was nice seeing your Blog. Keep up the good work.

bschneider5 said...

Happy Birthday!!!Feel free to check out Bradsblog

TPK said...

Happy Birthday from Cleveland, Ohio.

DJ said...

yo, about that dog bite, i got bit by one of those little bastards too, bit in the nose. it required 4 stitches, those little fackers have sharp teeth.

ayiekun said...

Just to say "Happy Birthday"
May God always bless U gals!!!!

embrisa said...

Well, I don't know You but I'd like to say Happy Birthday to You. Hope it was a great one in Poland.

It is my dream to someday go to Poland. My father and his side of the family all come from Poland. Unfortunately, most all of them are passed on now.
My father was born in 1932 in a town called Silniczka. From research it is my understanding that it is a small village East of Czestochowa and North of Koniepol.
I don't know much of my father's side of life in Poland except when Hitler took over Poland, my fathers family was forced to go live in Germany. Why? I do not know as they were Roman Catholics. As a young girl I remember seeing photos of concentration camps and other such things, but did not understand what I was seeing back then and as I got older my father hated to talk about his life as a child/teenager, etc and the things he saw and experienced. So alot of that is all a mystery to me.
Now as an adult I have a wild romance with Poland and its culture. Since my father has passed away I have had many dreams where I am with him and some other people I do not know in these beautiful mountains, that I take to be in Poland, because the way he is showing them to me. Like they mean something to him. I'm not even sure if Poland has mountains?
Anyway, just something I thought I'd share. Memories that got brought up while reading your blog and how it made me smile.
I hope you are enjoying your time there. It sounds like quite the learning adventure. :-)

Chelsea said...

My roommate is from Poland and she likes to teach me random Polish words on occasion. I currently know "slippers" and "insignificant". It's too bad there aren't very many opportunities to say "insignificant slippers".

Jacob Senko said...

the papierz was a great great man.. im glad i saw him from a distance at the world youth day in toronto.. my dad was really sad about what was happening, since he went to KUL when JP II was a cardinal still and was one of my dads proffesors.

i also read somewhere that the new german pope used to be a nazi youth.

Ben Jern said...

Yes... it's popular. I found myself going through some of the most updated blogs on blogger.com and found your link!

So here I am. Happy Birthday from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

yingele said...

Happy B day! Mazal Tov!

Anoop said...

Belated happy birthday. 19th was my wife's brithday, 20th is yours, 22nd is my 5 year old boss's (okay daughters) birthday.. Can someone fill in the 21st please!!!

Well got your link in "we have noticed" stuff, and I guess now you need to maintain your level... lol... Anyway, happy blogging, happy birthday and a speedy recovery.

How do you greet good bye in Polish?


annush said...

Happy birthday dude!

YOu know, I am the proud owner of 3 dogs, one of which is a 4.5 pound teacup maltese who thinks he is a Rottweiler. I really am embarrassed for all the people he has bitten since we brought him home :)

Anyway, I'll be coming by again soon.

Take care!


Dondon said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

from a Filipino friend currently based in Warsaw

Thumper said...

Happy Birthday, yes! As a minister says, "Be happy now on the way to where you are going"... might as well make it better on yourself! ha ha. One request, could you not use the word "sucks" in your posts? It really isn't a charming word ... really... can you hear our Lord saying that the day ....? no, He spoke to it! Change your atmosphere by changing your words. You have what you say... so Be Blessed this week, and may the Lord show you the beauty in all things.

Mike P said...

To long of a blog to read but I will come back and read it. My Grand parents left poland and came here to canada. I think my grand mother still has relatives there. Must check it out some day.

Leapa said...

Happy Birthday !!!,
Aw, c'mon - how did you get noticed ???

Stacey said...

Happy birthday wendy!
I am new to the blog and I am a Polish american. I was wondering if you knew of anyways that I could learn to speak polish. I spoke the language when I was younger and lost it as I grew up. My fiance and I are traveling back to Poland next summer and I need to learn the language by then so I can communicate with members of my family! I would appreciate anyway you can help!

Stacey said...

Happy birthday Wendy!!!I don't know if the last comment went through but I wanted to know if there was anyway you could help me on learning how to speak polish. I spoke it as a young girl but as I grew older I didn't speak it so I lost it. My husband and I will be traveling to poland next summer to visit family and I need to learn the language so I can communicate with them! I appreciate any ideas and help yu can give! Thanks!

Paperback Writer said...

Yes, my dachsund bit my best friend in the leg too. But he was on the couch and managed to jump high enough to bite her closer to her crotch.

My poor friend, to get bitten by my dog and then to fend off my mother the doctor who wanted to make sure she was okay.

Kay said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin! Have a great day!

Yaox said...

Good Blog XD

Happy Birthday! :D

AmandaK said...

Great blog! I'm a new blogger and need tips on becoming "popular"

*~~_Jenny_~~* said...

Great blog!!!

Check out my blog -- *~~~~ Crazy Jenny Girl's Secret Corner ~~~~*



Martin said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego!
Duzo zdrowia i szczescia!
Happy Birthday (even though its a few days late ^_^)
and congratulations on getting mentioned in the "Blogs we've noticed recently."
I only recently discovered your blog, keep up the good work.

La Jonquille said...

Happy belated birthday, and good blog!

Anonymous said...

I don't get this at all...what is this about?

-eric woo said...

i got bit by a dachsund on my nose
very embarrasing to explain to your friends about the fact that
a barely ten-inch tall dog
jumps up and rips my nose a new one
well, the good thing is
i didn't need stitches!

Albert L Berriz said...

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posh public school said...

wot was it actually like in poland when the pope died? was everyone as upset as we saw on tv?

Anna said...


Couldn't denied that Poland is an amazing country. I left my footprints in many places and took all the memories with me. Salt mine and concentration camp is an eye opening, Karpaz is amazing place, Zlotoryja,Kowary,Gdansk... many many more... They have interesting culture too!

Greeting from Malaysia!

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