08 March 2005

Oddness on Billboards

So I'm riding back to school after teaching at Komputronik, a computer company in Poznan, and we pass a billboard with a giant picture of a hot dog and the words "My name is Hot. Hot Dog." It was an ad for a gas station that apparently sells hot dogs in their convenience store. I don't know what this means, but it made me laugh this morning, which was quite a feat considering I had to get up at 6am.

Today is a sort of holiday in Poland - Woman's Day. No, not the magazine. It's a holdover from communist times, but the female Poles seem to like it, so it's still around. In the old days (meaning the first time I lived in Poland) all the female teachers at public schools got a bonus - I'll never forget my friend Sarah being alternately happy to have the extra money & upset that it was against her feminist ideals. Now everyone just gets flowers. I guess it's a nice idea, but I can't help wondering why they don't have a Man's Day too, in the interests of equality - isn't that the whole point of communism, that everyone is equal? Or did I misread the manifesto?

Anyway, happy Woman's Day to those of you who wish to acknowledge it, and happy Tuesday to the rest of you. :)

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DarkStar said...

Actually, there _is_ a Man's Day, which happens to be the last day of September. But rarely anyone celebrates it (my ex-girlfriend did, so I got a few nice gifts ;) ).