19 May 2004

Polish Lawn Care

There is a man mowing the lawn of the school with an electric lawn mower. It's PLUGGED IN, via a very long extension cord, through a window into a room of the school. I can't help wondering, first, who ever decided this was a good idea, and second, how does he keep from running over the cord?

Anyway, it looks like I'll be staying in Poland for a while - I got the job at Berlitz in Poznan! This means I get to live in the city full-time, no more 3-hour bus rides (not to be confused with 3-hour cruises, which always end badly), and much less lesson planning on my part - Berlitz has all their own course books. It might be a little boring, but they're paying more than I make at the college, and, I repeat, they're in the city! I still have 3 weeks of classes at the college, and exams throughout the month of June, then I start my training in Poznan the first week of July. It's all good news from where I'm sitting. :)

As for the exams themselves, I'm a little worried about having to fail some students, but I guess it's better to fail them here than to let them loose to teach things like "There are Los Angeles and Disneyland in California. There is New York in the USA." I'm not making that up, it was part of a 3rd year student's final paper, as a proposed lesson plan! I have to laugh, otherwise I'd be really frightened!

Many thanks to everyone who tried to find orange idioms. I find it odd that the language completely excludes a color like that, but English is weird in so many aspects, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by one more oddity. And I really enjoyed all the reminders of the old banana-orange joke. :)

I think that's all the drivel I can come up with for this edition of As Wendy's World Turns. Greetings and salutations to all, and please keep up the correspondence - I love hearing from home!