29 March 2004


I can only assume that the remake of “Mandy” has hit the airwaves there
as well as here. Was this truly necessary? I mean, I usually question
the need for covers, but especially in the case of a Barry Manilow tune
- is there really someone in the world who felt a deep longing to hear
yet another version of this song? Wasn’t the stage musical enough
Manilow to last us all for a lifetime? Although I do have to admit to
suppressing a chuckle every time I hear it, as it simultaneously
reminds me of Fleetwood Robbins and Angel. I’ll pause to let the
handful of people who understand either of those references smile
knowingly, while the rest of you scratch your heads with quizzical
expressions on your faces.

Moving on...

My apologies for the long lapse in my communications. I was in the
States for a month, then I had to plan for visitors, and spend time
with visitors, and recover from the visitors. And now I’m in the throes
of planning yet another trip, to Budapest for the Easter break. I
decided there was no point in staying in Poland when we have a full
week off from school, which works out to a week & a half for me, since
I usually have 2 days off each week anyway - you do the math, I’m an
English teacher! So, I’m at long last returning to a city I fell in
love with in 1988 and haven’t seen since. If anyone’s been there in the
past 16 years and has some tips to share, I’d be happy to have them!

Other than that, I’m just plugging away at the teaching gig. My
students are starting to panic about their final exams, so we’re having
a practice exam in the 3rd year writing class this week. I’m really
curious to see how they do, since it’ll tell me something about my
effectiveness as a teacher. It should be interesting to find out if
I’ve completely failed at my chosen (for the moment) calling. I’ll keep
you posted!

I think that’s all the randomness I can come up with at the moment. As
always, replies are welcomed and encouraged, and I’ll do my best to
respond in a timely manner. Provided I can find a free computer at
school, or feel flush enough to connect at home for a few minutes, or
make it to the internet café, or...you get the point. I miss you all &
think of you often.