18 December 2003

Showers & Windows & Doors, oh my!

It's been home improvement week for both of my homes. My landlord came
by the Poznan place last weekend to collect my rent & I managed to ask
him to hook up my shower head so I didn't have to hold it while taking
a shower. Then I went over to the local Home Depot-like store & got
myself a shower curtain & rod, and installed them all by myself! I
know, big deal, but this is Poland - I wasn't even sure such things
existed here! :) Also in Poznan, I now have 2 doors where once there
was only one. Yes, they put in the second door, right in front of the
first one. I still don't know why.

Back to Walcz, where the chill breeze found a way into my apartment
through the gaping hole between the windowpane & the hole the window
should have filled. So the school's handymen came in with some sort of
insulating tape & taped the hell out of the windows. It's a bit warmer
now. And I finally got the curtains I've been asking for for the past 2
months! I had lace sheers up in all the windows, which I really find
useless, so I convinced them to take them down & put up real curtains.
It makes it a little easier to sleep without the street light shining
right into my bedroom!

Well, remember how I had said that winter had arrived? Turns out I was
wrong. That first snow melted after about two days. As did the second
snow. The third one burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp.
Wait, wrong story. :) The third snow looked like the real thing, we had
about 4 inches fall overnight on Monday, but today it's all gone. This
is a very strange Polish winter. We may not have a white xmas! Which is
really OK with me, but it feels weird.

I think that's all for this installment of As Wendy's World Turns.
Happy Holidays to all, if I don't get another chance to write before

08 December 2003

Winter has Arrived

Looks like the snow is here to stay. There's not much of it yet, but
the temperature is much lower than I enjoy. I'll let you know when the
lake freezes over - won't that be fun? Why did I decide to come to a
country that actually has a winter?

Saturday morning 2 men knocked on my door in Poznan & one of them
started telling me something in Polish. I tried to interrupt him, to
explain that I didn't have a clue what he was saying to me, but he was
determined to tell me whatever it was he was telling me. Turns out they
wanted to give me a second door. I don't know why this is necessary,
I'm perfectly happy with just one door. I managed to explain that it's
not my apartment, I'm a renter, and they said they'd talk to the owner.
Later that day the owner called me to say they'll be installing a
second door on Tuesday. I hope someone can eventually explain to me why
this is a good thing.

Here's an amusing sample of my students' writing, from a paragraph
about why summer is her favorite season:
"Another thing is the possibility to wear light clothes, uncovered
shoulders and half-naked paunches, which allure the man-kind."
It made me giggle. :)

I don't think I have anything else to babble about right now. I hope
everyone is doing well. I'm sure you're all warmer than I am, so send
warm thoughts my way!